“Knowledge of Self: The 5th Element of Hip-Hop” is an underground, independent documentary over ten years in the making. Featuring exclusive interviews with some of Hip Hop’s biggest icons, Knowledge of Self promises to be a groundbreaking film exposing an alternative narrative of Hip Hop that has been hidden right in plain sight. Interviews were conducted on tour buses, back stage at concerts, during car rides, in private residences, on rooftops and other locations. Due to the gritty, underground nature of this film, no release forms were signed by the talent at the time. Despite having complete knowledge that they were being interviewed for the Knowledge of Self series, official release forms are needed for a worldwide release across digital platforms, on DVD/Blu-Ray and in theaters. Several of the artists interviewed have told the makers of the film that they wish to view the final product before signing a talent release. That is what brings us to our crowd-funding goal here today. It is important to note that, should talent releases not be obtained for any reason, the unauthorized documentary will still be released publicly, available completely for free on the internet.


The makers of the documentary are seeking to raise $10,000 for the following needs:


Production: 50% - 65% of the film will include the interviews with celebrity artists that have already been recorded. The remainder of the movie still needs to be produced. This will include interview sessions between filmmakers Ken Cosentino, Born King and Saladin Allah. This is necessary to weave together the pre-recorded celebrity interviews in a manner that will flow. There are also interweaving narrative pieces that must be produced for a high quality product. Total estimated cost: $3,000.


Post-Production: In order for the final movie to meet the standards of the celebrity artists, the editing process must be pristine. While some pre-recorded interview footage is gritty and not filmed in high definition, the overall movie will be a seamless mixture of professional grade quality production and underground footage. Most of the pre-recorded footage is of high quality and there are several instances where the sound must be remixed and remastered. Also necessary in the post-production process are digital effects and visual graphics design. The entire editing process is very time consuming, delicate and complex. Total estimated cost: $4,000


Marketing/Screenings: Known as the “back end,” these costs will enable us to get the word out about the movie. Even if celebrity talent elect to pass on signing the release forms, the makers of the film will still hold free screenings. Costs will include: Screening room/theater rentals, ad space, creation of promotional materials, etc. Total estimated cost: $3,000.


Donating to the completion of this groundbreaking film will earn the donor perks and rewards, including:




Donors will receive a “SPECIAL THANKS” with their name in the end credits.



$250 - $400 

Donors will receive a full sized, full color KOS movie poster and a “SPECIAL THANKS” with their name in the end credits.



$500 - $750

Donors will receive an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit on the film, full color KOS movie poster and a “SPECIAL THANKS” with their name in the end credits.




Donors will receive an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit on the film, VIP access to all screenings, full color KOS movie poster and a “SPECIAL THANKS” with their name in the end credits.





Donors will receive an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit on the film, a chance to be featured in a scene in the movie, VIP access to all screenings, full color KOS movie poster and a “SPECIAL THANKS” with their name in the end credits.


If our goal of $10,000 is reached by January 2020, our next goal will be to complete the film by winter of 2020. 

If you are interested in joining this project, you are just one step away! Click the button below to donate.

Please make sure you include your full name (exactly how you would like it to be spelled in the end credits of the movie) and a note that this is a donation for the KOS documentary. You will receive confirmation that your donation has been received, and for those who donate $250 or more we will follow up to retrieve your mailing address where you would like use to send your movie poster!




Pre-recorded celebrity footage includes interviews with: 




Method Man

Red Man



Ali [St. Lunatics]



Khalik Allah

ASAP Rocky


Phife Dawg

Sean Price

Raz Fresco


To learn more about the filmmakers,

please visit their websites below:


           Born King                               Saladin Allah                        Ken Cosentino

        PRODUCER                         PRODUCER          EXECUTIVE PRODUCER

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